Sea Freight

Our sea freight service is available from the USA, UK and China(delivery times vary from 4-8 weeks depending on location) Packages can be picked up from our offices or delivered anywhere in Accra or Tema.

Package Consolidation

Stockfox is all about being efficient and economic with your shipments. Orders coming in at different times can be stored safely and shipped as one package sparing you the cost of shipping several times. Ask about our storage prices and availability.We are happy to help you save!

Shipping Solutions

Our standard service runs on an “ All-Inclusive” system which covers package reception, shipping and clearing (3-5 working days – ceteris paribus) Our clients can also choose our“ Ship Only Service our team only handles package reception and freight and hands over documen...

Concierge Services & Personal Shopping

You can opt for our personal shoppers to handle the tedious process of shopping for many different things. You simply have to send a list of exactly what you want and we will handle the rest, for a fee. Get your wishlist stress free with Stockfox.

Group Shipping

For corporates & groups of individuals, it helps to ship a set of similar requests in one package. Stockfox group shipping provides the added convenience of speed, reliability, group delivery and budget cuts.

Stockfox Auto Parts

Getting original spare parts for your car can be hassle. Our tailor made auto part service makes it easy for you to acquire exactly the parts you need in a few simple steps. Get your “spec” details together and talk to us today.

How to ship with us

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Choose a service and provide your order details.
Confirm your order and make the payment.
Pick up your products, oh yes we deliver as well!

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

How long does it take to ship a package?
We usually give an estimated time of 3-5 working days from the day of shipping.This is largely due to customs clearing procedures and delivery times may vary due to the inconsistencies of freight and clearing procedures.
Can you pay for your shipment in Ghana?
Yes, you can, We accept payment only upon confirmation of receipt of your package(s) at our collections point.
Payment can be made via mobile money, bank deposit, in-office or through the ExpressPay app. The ExpressPay app is free on the Appstore for iOS and the Playstore for Android.
Are there additional charges after shipment?
No, our quotes are usually final, provided all information you have given is accurate.
How often do you ship to Ghana?
We ship several times a week by air, based on your needs. We also have Express Shipment services, tailored to time sensitive shipments. Please be advised, express shipment incur an additional charge.
Do you outbound/export to other countries?
Not currently, but our little foxes are currently working diligently to include this in our menu of services.
I’m expecting several packages from a few sites. Can you hold all my packages and ship as one package?
Yes, we can and we advise on consolidation to reduce costs. We give a 4 working day period to receive all packages to be consolidated.
Any other requests in this regard can be accommodated on a case to case basis.
Do you deliver?
Yes, we currently deliver anywhere in Accra and Tema, You also have the option of picking up your package at our office in Airport City.
How much does it cost to use the concierge service?
We typically charge a service fee of 5-20% of the order value, depending on the magnitude of the order. Our minimum value order is $50.00.
What is package consolidation?
This is when you can combine multiple orders/packages into one shipping package to save the cost of shipping several items. All you need to do is inform us and we will hold your packages till they all arrive and can be shipped as one package.
Some online merchants ask for a phone number prior to checkout. What number can we use?
We have included numbers for this purpose in the dashboard underneath addresses.
If you have not signed up yet you would need to sign up and log into the user dashboard,to be able to access this information.
Do you have a returns/exchange policy?
Stockfox will gladly handle all returns/exchanges on your behalf, provided you are within the eligibility of the merchants return policy.
Please note that shipping charges, duties and taxes do apply in these cases.
For items purchased by Stockfox Concierge, stockfox will bear all costs associated with the return, if the liability falls on us.

Contact Us

Address: Ghana Airport Cargo Centre, Suite 311 Airport City, Accra
Telephone: +233 24 243 8645; +233 55 050 6666
Working hours: Mon – Fri: 9am -5pm